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Dinner Under The ‘Stars’ ??

Fairy lights, please! We all know how important it is to set the mood for certain situations. And, when you’re talking about your events, it’s one of the biggest moods to set! Lighting, no doubt, plays an integral part in events and wedding design + achieving that overall, romantic feel.

Although we’re definitely into comprehensive wedding lighting, it’s true that you don’t need much to make an impact! Having said that, we’re taking a closer look at those delicate fairy lights at weddings…and some great ways to incorporate this super romantic vibe! These fairy light strings decor is absolutely breath-taking. To be surrounded by draped, romantic lighting is so dreamy. Naturally, guests are left speechless as they approach the reception!

E L L A – Marquee Tent is an aluminum tent structure that is highly recommended for anyone who wants to cover their space or to build a temporary hall/building for their events. So let’s build & customize your ‘own hall’ with our marque tent.

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