R I M B A T R O P I C A L for Y U N A by Y S A. We were very honoured to be hired as official Designer Tent for the Malaysian & International Celebrities Wedding, Yunalis Zarai & Adam Sinclair which took place at the luxury resort nestled deep in one of the oldest tropical jungle in the world, Puncak Rimba Bentong Pahang.. We were responsible to supply the service of supplying the Transparent Tent & Decor. Theme Concept was “English Tropical’’ as per Yuna requested which we decorated our magical Transparent Tent with the thousand of naked bulb,fresh leaf with flower décor & crystal transparent chiavari chair. The ceremony was a huge success and we would like to show our highest appreciation to Yuna & her lovely parents Dato Indera Mat Zarai & Datin Anum Fawzia for the trust and support that has been given to us. Transparent Tent & Decor exclusively by YSA Events Sdn Bhd for Yuna. Table Centerpieces by The Calla Attire by hattadolmat.hdc