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YSA Events Sdn. Bhd (YSA) was established in 2001 as one of the pioneer and leader in providing design tents for all sorts of events and ceremonies. With more than 14 years of experience in the field, YSA offers services which include the following:

  • Canopy & Marque Tent
  • Staging, Sound & Lighting
  • Event Decoration
  • Event Management / Planner

Throughout the years, YSA observed a great demand for the supply of tents for corporate and private events. YSA aims to establish itself as a “Tent Connoisseur” as the care of its business and take its game to the next level.

Vision & Mission

At YSA, we aim to be a recognised and trusted event partner in Malaysia. With that in mind, we will also instil a Malaysian touch in all creations and services to remind us of our roots. To achieve that goal, we will make it our priority to deliver the following tasks:

  • To be leading expert in tent artistry and design
  • To ensure only high-grade materials are used for our products and accessories
  • To always deliver a unique and memorable experience to our clients
  • To be your total event and ceremony solutions provider

Amir Firdaus

YSA Team

Our Services

YSA focuses its services around logistics and supply for events and ceremonies. In total, our services can be simplified to the following:
  1. Design, Supply and Installation of Tents
    Apart from the traditional and readymade canopies, YSA is capable of designing and producing customised tents for your events. This is the next level of tent artistry, a work of art materialised in physical tent, complete with modern amenities such as lighting, air-conditioning and decorations.

  2. Supply of Events Materials and Accessories
    An event or ceremony can be further enhanced with the addition of good materials, equipment and accessories. This can be in the form of tables and chairs, cutleries, PA system and even lighting. These will give uplift to the whole event and will surely give a good impression to the guests.

  3. Event Management and Support
    It is never an easy task to organise a well-planned event, especially if it involves dignitaries or a large guest list. We understand that some clients will require a dedicated team to assist them to ensure everything runs like clockwork. Hence, YSA has its own team of experts to lend a helping hand, from start to finish.


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